Pre-Course Material

Thanks for choosing Boating Licence Course as your boat & PWC licence training provider. 

We’ve organised your course material below which will give you the greatest chance of success in passing the test(s) so you can obtain your licence qualification. We recommend you study the various handbooks & study guides as not all the content covered in the exam may be covered by the trainer at the testing session. 

If you’re struggling, don’t hesitate to give us a call during normal business hours.

Remember, the more study you do, the better test results you’ll get!

Boating Licence Course Study Guides

Custom made study guides made by Boating Licence Course. These are specifically tailored to the NSW RMS test, the one you’ll be facing on the day. We recommend you read through these first as they are easy to understand and outline the exact knowledge you should know.

These guides are the most comprehensive material available for NSW & are great pre-reading for boating beginners.

Boating Licence Course Study Guide 1

Topics Covered – About Us, The Blended Learning Program, Trip Preparation/Planning, Boating Behaviour, Towing, Maintenance, Safety Equipment & Anchoring 

Approx File Size – 2MB

Boating Licence Course Study Guide 2

Topics Covered – Navigation Aids, Collision Avoidance, Hazards, Boating Conditions & Night Time Navigation

Approx File Size – 2MB

Boating Licence Course Study Guide 3

Topics Covered – Safety Equipment, Raising Alarms, On-Board Emergencies & Assisting Others In Distress

Approx File Size – 2MB

Boating Licence Course Study Guide 4

Topics Covered – Marine Environment, Pollution, Safe Fuelling & Marine Life 

Approx File Size – 996 KB

Boating Licence Course Study Guide 5

Topics Covered – PWC Licence/Registration, PWC Maintenance/Preparation, Safe Operation, PWC Operating Restrictions & Safe Towing.

Approx File Size – 1MB

Exam Questions

Put your knowledge to the test by practising these questions online. There are different tests for boat & PWC. These questions are extremely similar to the actual test questions you’ll face at the course. You’ll have unlimited attempts at this and no-one is notified of your results. Try it as many times as you like!

These are the same questions from the RMS website.

RMS Boating Handbook

A boating handbook made by Roads & Maritime Services (RMS), this handbook covers all content relating to safe boating in NSW & ACT. It’s big, comprehensive & excellent material to keep a copy with at home and on-board for reference. 

Approx. file size – 11.5MB

RMS Personal Watercraft (PWC) Handbook

A PWC handbook made by Roads & Maritime Services (RMS), this handbook covers all content relating to safe PWC operation in NSW & ACT. Similar to the RMS Boating Handbook, it’s very in-depth and should be kept as reference material.

Approx. file size –  882KB

RMS Study Guide

A boat & PWC study guide made by Roads & Maritime Services (RMS), this book covers some of the content covered in the test. It doesn’t go into enough detail for our liking, particularly about the PWC licence, but is great to test your knowledge against. 

Approx. file size – 7MB

RMS Boat Driving Practical Logbook (Boat Licence Only)

This must be correctly filled out to obtain a NSW boat licence. You will need to operate a boat under the supervision of a licenced person a minimum of three (3) times. Read through the logbook for full details. We cannot sign this off for you. 

Approx. file size – 2MB

RMS Study Palm Cards/Boat Stickers

These are handy stickers that can be used as helpful palm card study aids. You can view a picture of each by clicking/tapping the pictures to the right, but we highly recommend you get a sticker copy of each for your vessel. They are available from your local ServiceNSW.

Approx. file size – 100KB each

NSW Proof Of Identity

You will require ID at the course which MUST match NSW Government POI rules. View this brochure to understand what ID you need to bring.

Approx. file size – 377KB

From the Boating Licence Course team, thanks for booking & we look forward to seeing you at the course!