Policy Information

Assessment Policy

There is a multiple-choice assessment within the course. Other than what is stated at the course, no items are allowed to be used during the test. Failure to comply in this regard will result in an immediate failure.

To assist you in passing the test, we provide comprehensive, yet easy to read, pre-course study material upon booking so you can be well prepared. See your confirmation package for the link to your study page.

Re-assessment Policy

From time to time people may be required to retest we will do this free of charge and on the same day. After this, if further training and assessment are required, we may give you an invitation to return. This would be without repaying the course fees, however a small retest fee may be applicable.

Rescheduling Policy

Once you reserve your seat in any given class, you are securing a space and others may be denied the opportunity to attend. Consequently, we reserve the right to refuse your rescheduling to another class. Boating Licence Course also reserves the right to reschedule any given class due to circumstances beyond our control. If we must reschedule a class, you’ll be given the opportunity to attend any class given by us within 1 year or to a full refund.

Course Pricing

  • Discounted Super Saver – $190 – The Discounted Super Saver ticket represents amazing value! A few of these are released for every course but are extremely limited. You must request and confirm this option at time of booking.
  • Discounted – $280 – Available only if the Super Savers have sold out, these tickets will also help you get a discount. You must request and confirm this option at time of booking. In the peak months, this ticket costs $280.
  • General Admission – $320 – These are available for every course or until the class has sold out. Available only if the Super Savers & Discounted tickets have sold out, these tickets include a free rescheduling element, meaning if you can’t make your course, you can use this ticket to attend another class at another date. This ticket will be allocated automatically if the other tickets are not requested at time of booking.
  • PWC (Jet Ski) Discounted Winter Super Saver – $100 – Like its boat licence equivalent, a few of these are released for every course but are extremely limited. You must request and confirm this option at time of booking and they must be booked in conjunction with any of the boat licence course tickets listed above.
  • PWC (Jet Ski) Discounted – $150 – Available only if the PWC Super Savers have sold out, these tickets will also help you get a discount. You must request and confirm this option at time of booking

Study Policy

Not all content will be covered at the course as it is designed to supplement your study. Students are advised to do a certain amount of study prior to attending the course. This information will be delivered to you via our enrolment package and will help you achieve the greatest chance of success at getting your licence.

Refund Policy

All sales are final. In the event that you cannot attend the course, refunds are not available.

Proof Of Identity Policy

Everyone sitting a course with us MUST bring acceptable Proof Of Identity (POI). This is not negotiable, and you cannot complete the course without it. As an example, a valid NSW Photo Drivers Licence is acceptable for an adult over 16 years, whereas a passport or birth certificate will require further identification to complete the POI check.

POI varies for Young Adults (12 to up to 16 years) and adults (>16 years). Young Adults applicants must have POI (i.e. a birth certificate) and must also have a parent present who must also have acceptable POI.

Click here for the NSW RMS POI brochure. We strongly recommend you read this prior to attending to ensure a smooth course.

Applicants With Special Needs

You must be able to communicate orally and in writing in English. If you have difficulties in this regard we recommend that you contact Boating Licence Course or visit your local NSW Maritime office who will arrange an appointment with an interpreter.

Compliments & Complaints Policy

At our fortnightly meetings, we’re happy to read students’ constant positive feedback and discuss it with the responsible staff member(s). We encourage you to get your thoughts to our meeting by registering your feedback by contacting Boating Licence Course in writing at PO Box 2903, Taren Point NSW 2229 or via email. Please fill out the contact form here. Your feedback will be assigned a case manager who will take appropriate action.

Tax Invoicing

There is no GST within our fee. Our courses are not tax deductible therefore we cannot supply a tax invoice. Receipts can be issued upon request.

Topics Covered

The course is delivered by Sailingworld pty ltd; registered as RTO # 91229 who is trading as Boating Licence Course. This course is based upon the national syllabus of boating education designed to prevent boating incidents and save lives.  We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). The package you have purchased & are now being supplied consists of the following five units:

  • MEM50008B – Carry out trip preparation and planning
  • MEM50009B -Safely operate a mechanically powered recreational boat
  • MEM50010B – Respond to boating emergencies and incidents
  • SISOPWC201A – Select and maintain a personal water craft (if doing PWC)
  • SISOPWC202A – Demonstrate simple personal water craft skills in controlled conditions (if doing PWC)

You are being supplied and trained in all the five units above. There are different pathways included within the package.