Yes, all training is delivered by Sailingworld pty ltd t/a Boating Licence Course. Sailingworld pty ltd t/a Boating Licence Course (ACN # 092 478 718 | RTO # 91229) is approved by NSW Maritime to provide practical boat training and/or knowledge testing for the NSW general boat driving licence and PWC driving licence.

You can visit www.boatinglicence.com.au for more info.

It’s actually rather simple! After successfully completing our course and passing the test, take the paperwork the trainers give you, along with your completed logbook, to Service NSW. You’ll be able to purchase your licence there and then without doing any further tests. See here for details.

You’ll need to already have (or be doing at the same course) a NSW boat licence. You cannot obtain a PWC licence on it’s own without a boat licence. Once you’re done with us, simply take the paperwork to Service NSW to upgrade your boat licence to the PWC. No practical is required for this licence. See here for details.

Upon successful completion, you need to take our paperwork along with a completed logbook into Service NSW within 12 months from the date of the course. There are no further tests required at Service NSW. 

Assuming your logbook is already completed, you can do this same-day.

If you book online, you’ll immediately receive a receipt for your payment, and a confirmation email with your enrolment details. Sometimes these emails go to spam/junk folders. If it’s not in there, please get in touch with us and we’ll resend it for you.

For phone bookings, you’ll receive a text confirmation. If you don’t receive this within 30 minutes from booking, please let us know.

Of course! What better way to get into the fun boating has to offer than to learn from professional, experienced skippers? We keep the learning at a level suitable for beginners, so every student can follow along for a simple, enjoyable course.

Students must be 12 & up to obtain a NSW general boat licence and/or PWC licence. Students aged 16 & up will qualify for the full ‘adult’ licence.

Yes, however an administrative fee of $60 apply.

When you book a course, we incur costs such as venue hire, material printing, staff wages etc. So if you cannot attend your originally booked course, we will need to charge an administrative fee to recuperate those costs. 

You can read our rescheduling policy here.

No. Once the certificate has gone past 12 months from date of issue, you will need to re-attend a course and re-sit the test. If you do not want to do this, you can simply attempt the test at Service NSW instead.

Despite current events, we are still unable to extend the date on previous certificates, so please make sure you take it into Service NSW within the allotted timeframe.

Assuming it is within the 12 month expiry period, we are able to recreate your paperwork. You will need to attend the beginning of a course, show your ID and sign for the new form. All forms are dated from the original date of your test/course and cannot be future-dated to include another 12 months. 

Doing this will depend on the availability of courses/trainers in your area at the time, so please do not leave this to the final days as we may not be able to recreate it before it expires.

An administrative fee applies to recreate lost paperwork. You will need to book this service in via phone before attending.

Forms cannot be emailed, posted or sent to you using any other method. They are government-accredited certificates so we must abide by all applicable rules and laws.

Up-to-date ticket pricing is displayed on the course’s product page.

Bookings can be made online here

The instant you book, we incur costs related to your course.

As per company policy, all sales are final. In the event that you cannot attend the course, refunds are not available.

Absolutely. All trainers have a current Certificate 4 in Training & Assessment, a valid Working With Children check, a current NSW Police Check, current First Aid certificate and are accredited by Transport for NSW to deliver the NSW boat & PWC licence course.

Qualifications are kept up to date to ensure you only get taught by qualified, accredited trainers.

Your ID and a smile!

No. However you will require them when you go to Service NSW if completing the PWC component.

Bookings are made online anytime – click here – or over the phone via (02) 9524 5678 during normal business hours.

Payments via this website are managed through Stripe and PayPal’s secure payment systems. These organisations monitor every transaction and your financial data is heavily guarded behind their advanced encryption to help prevent fraud and identity theft. 

Do I need a PayPal account to purchase?

If you elect to pay online via PayPal, you can pay with a credit or debit card if you do not have/want a PayPal account. Those who have a PayPal account can sign in to pay via their account if they wish.

Students aged under 16 years, are required to have their mum/dad or legal guardian (with appropriate paperwork proving such) at the commencement of the course so sign the application paperwork, show ID and give consent for the student to get a licence. They do not need to stay for the whole course.

This is only completed at the course and cannot be completed before or after.

Students under the age of 16 who are unable to have their mum/dad or legal guardian at the course are advised to reschedule to another date/time/location to when this will be possible.

It depends on location, but we generally have courses running every week of the year across NSW. See here for dates, times and locations.

The NSW practical boating logbook is a simple, self guided checklist that you’ll need to complete to obtain the NSW general boat licence. You can click here to download a copy, visit any Service NSW to pick one up, or pick one up at the course. The logbook is free of charge.

You will need to complete at least 3 trips on the water under the supervision of a licenced person who has held their licence for 3 years or more. These trips are not time based, and can be completed within 12 months of you handing it in to Service NSW. If you have been boating within the past 12 months and this can be verified by another skipper, you can backdate those trips.

The logbook is an essential requirement for those who choose to go on & get a NSW boat licence. It’s designed to help you learn how to operate your vessel & learn your waterways at your own pace. We recommend you complete the logbook for every trip you make, not just for the required 3 times. 

The logbook only applies to the NSW boat licence. There is no practical training required for the PWC licence.

Guaranteeing a pass to get a licence puts yourself and the boating community at risk so no one should expect to be passed through without a substantial understanding of the rules of the water. Thankfully, our experience in training and knowledge of boating safety helps the overwhelming majority of students pass on day 1. 

Whilst we understand no one wants to fail a test, we must abide by Transport for NSW’s and our own rules thus strict testing rules will apply. You may be allowed more than one attempt on the day but multiple failed attempts will mean you may need to re-attend another course after some more study.

Proof Of Identity (POI – also called ‘ID’ on this page) is a must have at the commencement of the course. It must meet the criteria outlined in the POI brochure

As an example, for adults (ages 16 & up), a valid NSW photo drivers licence is acceptable. 

For students aged under 16 years, a birth certificate is great. For these students only, we’ll also need their mum or dad at the course, also with POI, to pass the ID check.  

No. There is no allowance for online courses. All courses are completed in-person with a trainer.

Have a question that’s not listed here? Send us an email or give us a call!

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