Proof Of Identity

Proof of Identity is required for many things these days including obtaining boat & PWC licence qualifications. All identification documents must be original documents or certified copies. Electronic copies, such as digital POI, is not accepted.

Everyone sitting a course for a qualification with us MUST bring acceptable Proof Of Identity (POI). For your convenience, please see below for a basic list of identification requirements & where to find them.

Informing Students About Identification

  • To avoid any confusion, identification requirements are available on our website 
  • POI is detailed in the pre-course enrolment confirmation messages
  • POI is listed on the website course enrolment page
  • POI is detailed in our pre-course homework materials
  • POI rules are also available at all of our courses.
  • If you’re still confused, we have made the effort to ensure a Proof Of Identity brochure is available everywhere. 

POI is not negotiable, and you cannot complete the qualification without it.

As an example, a valid NSW Photo Drivers Licence is acceptable on it’s own, whereas a passport or birth certificate will require further identification to complete the POI check.

POI varies for Young Adults (12 to up to 16 years) and adults (>16 years). Young Adults applicants must have POI (i.e. an original birth certificate) and must also have a parent present who must also have acceptable POI.

Attending Without POI

Students are welcome to attend a course without passing the identification requirement at the beginning, however in these situations the students paperwork can not progress and no qualification can be issued. Without full POI at the course, the students paperwork and any test results cannot be counted.

At every stage of your journey, the identity requirement is made clear. As explained throughout the website & confirmation message, the licence qualification can only be issued when students produce acceptable POI at the course. 

POI Solutions

If you fail to bring sufficient identification to the course, you will need to seek out your correct identification as per the requirements outlined in the brochure (locations for POI info listed above). There are 2 options provided for students who don’t provide sufficient ID

Solution 1

  1. Arrange your correct identification
  2. Then re-attend a new course with correct POI and sit the course & test again.
  3. We are always keen to assist and help you at every stage. To assist, discounted compassion tickets may be made available. Simply call to request this.

Solution 2

  1. Arrange your correct identification
  2. Then attend any motor registry centre (ServiceNSW) with POI and complete the testing with their procedures

The Proof Of Identity Brochure

For a downloadable copy of the Proof Of Identity brochure, please click here or click the picture below.