Proof Of Identity

The Proof Of Identity (POI) requirement

POI is required for many things these days including obtaining your boat & PWC licence qualification. You will NOT be able to obtain the licence qualification without sufficient POI.

If you do not have acceptable, sufficient POI at the course, you will need to redo the course and test at a later date, with the correct POI, to obtain the licence qualification regardless if you’ve done/passed the test or not. A fee to rebook will apply in this scenario. 

Physical POI 

All physical POI documents presented must be the original, or a JP certified copy. 

Non-JP certified copies are not acceptable.

Digital POI

POI via the Service NSW app is acceptable however physical, original POI is preferred. 

A picture of your POI is not acceptable.

Adults (16+)

A valid Australian driver’s licence, or photo ID card issued by Service NSW is acceptable on its own.

Other POI will need supporting documents.

Young adults (<16)

A birth certificate is recommended. A passport will require supporting documents.

You’ll also need mum or dad to sign the forms.

View the Proof Of Identity brochure

Click here to download

We are required to cross check your POI with what is listed in the POI brochure. If it’s not in the brochure, we can’t take it.

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