NSW PWC Licence

NSW PWC Licence

Making It Simple

Getting your PWC licence can be done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Call us to book your course date & time. 
  2. Attend session, pass, get paperwork
  3. Take paperwork RMS & upgrade licence!
It really is that simple!

How You Get It

After you’re done with us, simply take the certificate we’ve given you to a motor registry office near you to get your NSW PWC licence. You can do this same day. No further testing is required!

You’ll need to have a NSW boat licence to be eligible for the PWC licence. We’ll do this at the same time if you require both so you can go riding without hassle!

Whether you’re partial to Sea-Doo, Yamaha or Kawasaki, we can all agree that jet skis are pretty damn fun, particularly throughout Summer. 

You’ll need to have or be doing at the same time, a NSW boat licence. We can cover both at the same time to save you time (no need to attend a course later on) and money – if you need a boat and PWC licence, we’ll help you out with a discount. 

Most people take this upgrade option due to how easy it is achieved at the course and the fact that it saves you having to come back at a later date and sit another course & test. If you’re unsure if you want the PWC upgrade upon booking, you can always decide at the course, simply tell the trainer while you’re there. 

Get it done the easy way & go riding this weekend! Call us today & get your jetski out on the water legally ASAP!