What to Do in the Event of a Man Overboard Situation

Man overboard situations have been the #1 cause of alarm among recreational boaters in the past few years.

Boat Engine Carked It? Here’s What To Do If You’re Stranded

Did you know that Marine Rescue are forced to rescue over 100 vessels per year due to engine failure?

Stop Clowning Around. Here’s How To Go Jetskiing Safely.

Some jetskiers have a reputation for being a clown on the water but these people haven’t done our course.

Firefighting On The Water – What To Do

Was your last boat trip ‘lit’? If it was, you might have a problem…

A Nifty Guide to Safety Gear Checks

Before setting out, meticulously inspect your boat’s safety gear to ensure a secure and prepared voyage.

Clean Seas, Please! Tips for Trash-Free Boating

Rubbish in our waterways poses a significant environmental threat, jeopardizing aquatic ecosystems and human health alike.

Dealing with a Carbon Monoxide Emergency

CO poisoning presents a critical danger to boaters, but one that is easily preventable.

A Short Introduction To EPIRB’s

When S.H.T.F., forget the bat-signal. Activate your EPIRB and rescue will be on it’s way.

How to Navigate Cardinal Markers and Their Meaning

If you don’t know where to navigate around a cardinal maker, you’re going to have a bad time.

Unforgettable Boating Along the Murray River

Let’s plan a boating trip along the Murray River, the world’s 3rd longest navigable river.

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